1. Login to your StockHero Account

  2. Go to Settings >> Brokerage API

3. Select TradeStation.

4. Click the Authenticate button. You will be directed to TradeStation login page.

5. Login to your TradeStation account

6. After a successful login, you will be redirected back to StockHero.

7. If you are not redirected, simply refresh the StockHero's Brokerage API page.

8. You should see TradeStation listed in the Connected Exchange List

Check that StockHero can read your TradeStation balance

StockHero offers users the option to connect to either or both TradeStation (Cash) or/and TradeStation (Margin) accounts. TradeStation offers users two account types - Cash and Margin.

What is the difference between a Cash and Margin account?

A Cash account does not allow you to do margin-shorts (selling a stock without owning it), while a Margin account allows it.

If you do shorts often, please connect TradeStation (Margin) to your StockHero account.

If you have connected to TradeStation (Cash) and do not see the balance in the StockHero Portfolio page, most probably your equity and cash balances are residing in your TradeStation (Margin) account.

A TradeStation user can opt to have either or both of the account types (Cash and Margin). Correspondingly, a StockHero user can add either or both TradeStation Cash or Margin accounts to his or her StockHero account.

To check where your funds are actually held, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your TradeStation Client Center and click "Accounts" at the top menu.

  2. Next, click on Equities Account >> Balances.

  3. Select any date range and click View/Download button.

  4. Check that the Account Type is Cash or Margin.

If you see Margin in Account Type, you will need to add "TradeStation (Margin)" in your StockHero account. See the image below.

If it is Cash like the image shown below, add "TradeStation (Cash)".

Please contact us ([email protected]) if you encounter any issues viewing your balance.

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