Deploying A Marketplace Bot

I. Go to the Bots page

Click on the Bots menu option on the top menu.

II. Click on the Rent tab

Scroll down and click on the Rent tab.

III. Click on the [+] button

Your rented bot will be listed under the Rent tab. Click the [+] button under Action to create a new bot from this rental bot template.

A Create New Bot window will appear.

IV. Set the Stock to Trade and Capital

All you need to do is configure what stock to trade and how much capital is allocated for the bot. Give the bot a name by clicking on the pen-looking icon. It is a good practice to name the bot after the stock it is trading on as well as the strategy deployed for the bot.

You can also configure the bot to auto-close all positions at end of trading day and/or trade extended hours (on selected brokerages)

Click the Create button.

That's it! The bot will start to monitor this stock during trading hours and execute trades whenever the entry and exit conditions are met.

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