StockHero V2, The Best Is Not Enough

Release Date: March 18, 2023

Our StockHero team is pleased to announce the launch of the best stock trading bot StockHero V2. Driven by our motto "The Best Is Not Enough", this version offers several major updates that aim to give our users and traders an edge. Please review the list of major features below.

Strategy Designer

StockHero's latest Strategy Designer allows a trader to implement a wholistic strategy that consists of multiple sub-strategies. Each sub-strategy is implemented by a StockHero trading bot. With a Strategy Designer, a user can now create a chain of bots that execute consecutively or in parallel to form a wholistic strategy.

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Trailing Take Profit

In addition to our trailing stoploss, users will now be able to set a trailing take profit strategy. Trailing take profit allows a user to sell his or her holdings incrementally as the price of the holdings go up.

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Required Indicator

StockHero V2 now allows an indicator to be marked as mandatory in order for the bot to execute a trade.

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Allowing Multiple Indicators of Same Type

Ever want to setup multiple RSI with different period values? Now you can with the latest StockHero V2!

Sharpe Ratio and Max Drawdown

Gauge the performance of your bot with the new Sharpe Ratio and Max Drawdown metrics. You can configure the formula in Settings >> Formula in your StockHero app.

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Bots Deactivation Message

You will not be able to know why the bot deactivates instead of just receiving the deactivation in an email.

Transaction Fees in Backtest

Get a more accurate backtest result by setting up your transaction fee.

Enhanced RSI and Stochastic RSI Settings

In StockHero V2, users will now be able to set the bot to enter a trade based on the average of RSI/Stochastic RSI over the previous number of periods. This allows users to ensure that the bot is entering at a sustained market oversold or overbought condition.

Brand New Mobile Apps (Coming mid April 2023)

We are excited with our brand new mobile apps! The user interface has been radically changed to be more pleasant looking and intuitive. We are aiming for end of March 2023 to release our brand new iOS and Android apps. Look out for our announcement in our Telegram!

SMS Notifications (Coming end March 2023)

StockHero V2 will enhance its notification capability by sending SMSes whenever a trade has occurred. Our new SMS notification provides an additional and reliable signal notification mechanism.

New Platform To Support More Brokers (Coming end April to June 2023)

StockHero V2 sits on a new platform that will allow us to rapidly support more brokers in the coming months. In addition to TradeStation, we will also be supporting popular brokers like Robinhood, TD Ameritrade and so on.

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Many More

There are many more features and server side enhancements that have been built into our latest StockHero V2. We hope our users will love the latest StockHero V2 as it will give a strong edge to our new and especially advanced traders to develop and deploy strategies easily.

Thank you for using StockHero!

As much as we are excited with this latest version, we are even more excited with the next one - StockHeroHero v2.2! Stay tuned :)

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