Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common issues faced by our users

Why is StockHero not showing my account balance even though I have few thousands in my TradeStation account?

The most common reason is that your funds are held in your TradeStation >> Margin account type. The tradable balance that you see in your TradeStation account consists of both Cash and Margin account types. You need to make sure that your funds are held in your Cash account. To check where your funds are actually held, login to your TradeStation Client Center and click "Accounts" at the top menu. Then, click on Equities Account >> Balances. Select any date range and click the View/Download button. Check that the account type is Cash. If it is not, call the TradeStation customer service team to help you move the funds.

Why is my bot not doing anything after few hours?

How soon a bot opens a new deal (either executing a buy or sell order if the strategy is long or short, respectively) will depend on the Entry Conditions configured for the bot. It is common for a bot to take days or even weeks before the prescribed Entry Conditions are met, depending on market volatility.

One of the most important and deciding factors is the bot's interval. The shorter the interval (15 m), the higher the chances for the bot to enter into a trade faster. Conversely, the longer the interval (1 h to 1 D), the longer the bot takes to enter into a trade. There are certain pros and cons to trading between short and long intervals. One of the considerations is the user's risk appetite.

As a general rule of thumb, the shorter the interval (15 m versus 1 h), the faster the bot will execute the trade.

After I have liquidated a deal, does the bot auto restart?

Yes, if you have manually initiated a deal liquidation, the bot will auto-restart and wait for the Entry Conditions to be satisfied before opening a new Deal.

Can StockHero support a new stock?

Yes, please send us an email. We will add the new stock typically in a day or two.

Why does my bot auto-deactivate by itself?

The most common reason why a bot deactivates automatically is due to insufficient capital or stock (for a short strategy) required to execute the trade. This usually happens if a user accidentally uses the underlying assets for his own trading purposes. Another common reason is that the user increased the bot's allocation for Extra order after the bot had executed the Base order.

Long Strategy

  • The bot encounters insufficient USD (or the specified quote currency) required to execute a buy order.

  • The bot encounters insufficient stock assets (the base currency) when trying to execute a Sell order upon the Exit Conditions being met.

Short Strategy

  • The bot encounters insufficient stock assets to sell when the Entry Conditions are met.

  • The bot encounters insufficient USD (or the specified quote currency) when trying to execute a buy-back upon the Exit Conditions being met.

Another common reason is due to an invalid API key (such as trading account getting suspended or banned or expired key). Occasionally, this can happen for unknown reasons.

If you are using a DYNAMIC order, the bot will add previous profits to the next Deal. Hence, it may seem that you have actually allocated sufficient capital, but, in fact, the bot's internally computed capital is higher. We recommend using a STATIC order if you may be reallocating the profits made by the bots. It is also simpler and clearer.

I need help. Who can I contact?

StockHero offers several ways for our users to contact us. Please take a look at the various channels below.

  • Email (admin [at] stockhero [dot] ai)

  • WhatsApp. The link is available in the app.

  • Telegram (Please PM @novumgroup)

Our StockHero team will strive to respond to your request for assistance within a day.

I am not able to activate my bot. It just does not go to the active state. Why?

One of the most common reasons is that the capital is insufficient based on the allocated amount configured for the bot. For example, if you have allocated 1,000 USD to the bot but your actual balance on the brokerage account is 500 USD, then the bot will not start. You will need to either a) reduce the allocated balance or b) increase the balance on your brokerage account.

I have set 1% as the Take Profit level. Why does my bot not do this?

One of the most common reasons is that the quantity previously bought by the bot (for long strategy) is insufficient for the bot to sell at. This can happen when other bots "dip" into the same pool for their deal executions. Conversely, for a short strategy, the bot encounters an insufficient amount of Quoted Currency (e.g., USD) to execute a Take Profit order (buy back the digital assets that were sold).

I have 100 USD available. I have set Allocated Fund to 98 USD and the Base Order to 100%. The bot made a new Deal but the total USD used for my Base Order is only 70 USD. Why?

The most common reason is because of the Dynamic setting. Most probably, the bot encountered a loss in the previous deal that resulted in a sales proceed of 70 USD. Hence, for the current deal, it will use only 70 USD for the trade.

I tried to update my bot but encountered this error message: "Some bot settings cannot be updated while the deal is running"?

This happens when the bot has an Open Deal running and you are trying to modify the Trade Parameters. You may only modify the Exit Condition and click "Apply Changes to existing deal" to apply your latest changes to the bot if there is an Open Deal. If the bot has not opened any deals, you may configure any settings for the bot.

What is a Paper account?

The Paper account is not a real account. Its assets (such as USD) are fake and meant for you to trade on StockHero's Paper exchange. Our Paper exchange provides a risk-free venue for users to try out their bots' strategies. You can adjust the individual assets in your Paper account in order to facilitate the running of the bots on the Paper exchange.

What is the minimum amount I can trade with StockHero?

StockHero is neither a wallet nor an investment platform. It is a Software-as-a-Service. It trades using our bots, using the assets available in your brokerage account. Hence, the minimum amount that you can trade depends on the minimum requirement as determined by the brokerage. Please consult your brokerage regarding the minimum quantity of assets you can trade.

Do I have to click the "Enter Base Order" button in order get the bot to start trading?

No, you do not need to. After a bot has been created, it will be in a "Waiting" state. This means that the bot is continuously monitoring the market and will automatically execute the trades when its entry or exit conditions are met. However, under exceptional circumstances (for example, if you know of good news coming for a stock), you can force the bot to execute a trade.

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