Paper Trading

Test Your Strategy Risk-Free

Paper Trading is using a simulated trading account that does not involve any real stocks or money. It is a risk-free way of testing out bots before using them on real markets. Paper trading trades on our Paper exchange. During normal trading hours, our Paper exchange simulates actual market movements and allows the bots to execute trades on it without using real capital.

The funds that appear in the Paper wallet are not real funds. They are virtual (fake) funds that are used only to trade in our virtual exchange, the Paper exchange.

How to Add Additional USD to Your Paper Wallet

Paper trading is enabled by default with a starting balance of 10,000 USD (again, this is not real USD). To adjust the virtual funds for trading the Paper exchange in the Web App, go to Settings ⇢ Paper Wallet. To adjust the virtual funds in our mobile apps, go to the Portfolio page.

(in Web App, click on Settings >> Paper Wallet)

Next, click the Add button as shown in the image below:

Enter "USD" into the Stock field as shown in the image below:

Next, enter the amount of USD you would like to add and click the Add button at the top. For this example, we will add US$100,000. See image below:

Click the Confirm button. Your new USD balance will be updated immediately.

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