Bots Marketplace

Run Proven Strategies Out-of-the-Box

StockHero's Bots Marketplace is a revolutionary marketplace that aims to make it very easy for users new to the world of automated trading and/or StockHero to immediately take advantage of well-performing stock trading bots. These bots were created by experienced traders.

For our experienced StockHero users, the Bots Marketplace offers them a way to earn some income, and hopefully, over time, this income will grow in a meaningful and sustained way.

The user experience was a key driver in our entire design and development process. At every step of the way, we want to ensure that the process of selecting a bot is just a matter of a few clicks.

The Bots Marketplace is open to only Premium and Professional users. Users on the Lite plan will not be able to rent bots from the Bots Marketplace. However, only users on Premium or Professional plans will be able to submit their bots for listing consideration.

Renting A Bot

Only users subscribed to our Premium and Professional plans can rent the bots. The Marketplace bot that has been rented is known as a bot template. The bot template will appear under the Rent tab on the Bots page. A user who rents a bot template can create up to five bots from one single bot template.

A user can opt to pay for the bot template on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment schedule. If a user defaults on a payment, all bots created from the bot template will become inactive immediately.

Backtesting will not be offered for a bot template. This is to prevent reverse-engineering of the bot template's strategy.

You can also configure a Marketplace bot to

  • auto-close position at end of trading day; and/or

  • trade extended hours (only on selected brokerages)

Please read the section on how to Deploy a Marketplace Bot

Frequently Asked Questions

If I rented a bot, can I configure it to run on any brokerage account? And for any stocks?

Yes, you can.

I have signed up for the bot, but it is not doing anything.

You need to be patient as the entry window is dependent on the various entry conditions set. If you are a new user, please read our main FAQ that addresses this.

Why am I not able to view or edit the Entry and Exit conditions from the bot template?

The "secret sauce" for the bot consists of a combination of numbers from an infinite number of combinations. Experienced traders who have years or decades of trading experience know what settings work well. In order to protect this knowledge, we have deliberately hidden the bot's settings.

Is there a refund if I decide to cancel the rental?

No. All payments made are final. You may want to try out a bot for a month before committing to an annual rental.

I have rented a bot. If the bot owner updates the settings, will it affect my rented bot?

No, it will not. There is no guarantee that the bot's performance will improve after the update. In fact, it may even deteriorate the performance of the original bot.

Terms and Conditions

All users who rent or offer their bots on the Bots Marketplace must read and agree to the Bots Marketplace Terms and Conditions.

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